Your Dream House!

Dream Backyard

I wanted to take a quick moment today to talk about dreaming BIG!  I’m writing this post because I feel as though a lot of us limit our belief in the type of house we want!  We place a huge limit on the type of furniture we can have.  We place a limit on the type of decorations we place throughout our home.  We place a limit on the size of the house we want to buy/build.  We place a limit on the landscape that surrounds our home!

Quite frankly, I think it’s super sad that we place a limit on our home!  Think about it!  We place a limit on enhancing the very place that we hold near and dear to our hearts!  We place a limit on the structure that houses our loved ones. Our home is the place that we go to every single day for safe haven.  It’s the place where we eat meals with our family.  It’s the place that we go to after a rough day at work or a long, strenuous day at school.  If our home is such a monumental component of our life, why should we limit what we put in our home because of a simple price tag?

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying that we should spend well above our means to finance furniture.  The last thing I want would be for someone to take out a $100,000 loan to simply make their house look cooler.  All I recommend is for us all to stop having a “I can’t have this because I’m so broke” mentality!  We need to stop looking at the way things currently are or once were, and starting looking toward the future and what our homes can become!

Dream Furniture

It’s okay if you’re currently broke and can’t afford decent furniture or beautiful artwork to embellish your home.  Being broke, however, shouldn’t stop you from thinking big and working toward some of those dream decorations!  I urge everyone to visualize your home being the best that it can possibly be!  Every single day I think about having beautiful black/grey, leather couches!  I dream of one day having gorgeous artwork displayed sporadically throughout my house!  I constantly imagine having barbecues in my backyard with my closest friends and family members next to my mammoth-sized swimming pool that’s surrounded by cherry blossoms.  I dream every day of burning calories in my basement’s professional-looking indoor gym.

If your budget is tight, I recommend that you stop counting your pennies.  I suggest that you stop looking at what you can’t afford, and start dreaming big and focusing on the things you want!  As you start to dream big, you can then start working backwards and putting together a plan to achieve those things that you want!  So…what’s it going to be?  What does your dream home look like?  :)

PS:  Need some more inspiration?  Check out this video:

Scrub Buds- A safe and effective tool!

Hello mothers, grandmothers, babysitters, and anyone else that simply needs to keep things clean at home!  Do you have stains that litter your counter?  How about your bathroom wall?  How about your kitchen wall?  How about bath tub?  Well, if you do, (and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) you might want to check out scrub buds.

If you haven’t watched the video at the top of this page I would highly highly recommend it!  The scrub buds are literally a phenomenal tool and every house keeper’s dream!  They’re super effective when it comes to getting out stains, whether it’s on a surface, a dish you use for your spaghetti dinner, or a jar you use to store your supplements, but at the same time, they’re extremely sensitive to your skin and other surfaces.

As you can clearly see in the video above, you can rub it constantly on a nylon sock and it won’t rip or scratch at all.  It’s absolutely incredible!  Now, don’t get me wrong, there is still a need for those old fashioned, heavy-duty sponges, especially when it comes to commercial use such as cleaning deeply layered grease in the back of a Chinese restaurant.

Scrub buds, Restaurant stains    scrubbing, sponge

If that’s the case you might want to stick to your Mr. Muscle combined with Ace Hardware branded steel wool.  But for those of us that just want an effective sponge that doesn’t scratch our hands or slit our wrists, feel free to give Scrub Buds a try!





Ever thought why pregnant women become obsessed with preparing for the arrival of their babies, especially their first child. It appears as if all of a sudden nothing is clean enough, tidy enough or organised enough. This need is called nesting and is common among most pregnant women. It is an instinct we have as humans to prepare for the birth.

It presents itself in various forms ranging from mild to extreme cases. Vacuuming, dusting, doing lots of laundry, rearranging the cupboards can be considered mild. Vacuuming the house, the sofa, curtains, dusting architraves, top of doors, removing floor boards to clean underneath and repainting the whole house inside and out can be considered medium. Extreme can be buying a new house and renovating it all within 3 to 6 window before the birth.

Why is there this need to nest in pregnant women? Does the need come from fear of the unknown and the enormous responsibility about to be undertaken or is it a need to have a clean, clutter free home driving the need? Also, what are some of the equipment used when nesting.

The need to nest

Nerves is probably the main reason why nesting occurs. Things like having another human to take care of and be fully responsible for, one so small they fit in between the tip of your fingers and the elbow of your arm.

Having to know what the baby wants from their cry, expressions on their face or gestures. Not knowing what to do as they get older and start pushing people in playgrounds, and then as they get older teaching them values, right from wrong all the while hoping you have taught them enough for them to stand on their own feet.

Knowing these are some of the things you would need to do can be very scary and nesting is an outlet. It is something we can control and at the very least the baby would be in a clean, tidy and organised environment for the first few days of its life.

Things needed when nesting

For mild cases, things like feather dusters, mops, a good vacuum cleaner and a few cleaning products would be enough.

Medium cases would need all the above plus all the tools the vacuum cleaner came with so those hard to reach places can be vacuumed. Also a handyman or builder would be needed to take up the floorboards to vacuum underneath, take out the protein supplement sample you ordered through top whey protein isolate site 2 years ago but could never reach and fix any uneven or squeaky boards.

An extreme case would require contacting a real estate agent to put your place on the market and look for another one to buy that is more suited to the new chapter in your life. Once you find an appropriate house, it then gets renovated all before the arrival of the baby.

Regardless of why nesting occurs and the level of severity, it occurs all over the world in one way or another to most parents, mainly mothers.

When does it occur

Nesting usually starts in the second trimester due to higher energy levels and can be at its worst in the last 4 to 6 weeks of pregnancy.

Humans are not alone in nesting. Hamsters, dogs, cats, birds all nest as well before the birth of their pups, puppies, kittens and hatchlings.